# view

A view is a defined way to view the image, like a zoom level or a detail view.

This element implements the SVGViewElement interface.

Usually, this element is create with:

const view = parentElement.add('view')

It's possible create as a disconnected element with gySVG('view') and attach it to the SVG document with .attachTo().

More info: mdn (opens new window) | w3c (opens new window)

# .viewBox()

element.viewBox( minX, minY, width, height )

Set the viewBox attribute. It defines the position and dimension, in user space, of an SVG viewport. With four values specify a rectangle in user space which is mapped to the bounds of the viewport established for the SVG element.

  • argument: {number} minX x-axis min value

  • argument: {number} minY y-axis min value

  • argument: {number} width width value

  • argument: {number} height height value

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

element.viewBox( viewBoxArray )

Set the viewBox attribute with an array with four values.

  • argument: {Array} viewBoxArray Array with four numeric values

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

element.viewBox( viewBoxString )

Set the viewBox attribute with a string.

  • argument: {string} viewBoxString Four numeric values separated by coma or space

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

const viewBox = element.viewBox();

Get the viewBox current value.

  • returns: {string} four values separate by coma

# .preserveAspectRatio()

element.preserveAspectRatio( align )

Set the preserveAspectRatio attribute. It indicates how an element with a viewBox providing a given aspect ratio must fit into a viewport with a different aspect ratio.

  • argument: {string} align Must be 'none' | 'xMinYMin' | 'xMidYMin' | 'xMaxYMin' | 'xMinYMid' | 'xMidYMid' (the default) | 'xMaxYMid' | 'xMinYMax' | 'xMidYMax' | 'xMaxYMax' and can be complemented with 'meet' (the default) | 'slice'

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

const align = element.preserveAspectRatio();

Get the preserveAspectRatio current value.