# style

The SVG style element allows style sheets to be embedded directly within SVG content.

SVG's style element has the same attributes as the corresponding element in HTML (see HTML's style element).

Usually, this element is create with:

const style = parentElement.add('style')

It's possible create as a disconnected element with gySVG('style') and attach it to the SVG document with .attachTo().

More info: mdn (opens new window) | w3c (opens new window)

# .type()

style.type( _ )

Set this attribute defines type of the style sheet language to use as a media type string.

  • argument: {} _

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

const type = element.type();

Get the type current value.

  • returns: {}

# .media()

style.media( _ )

Set this attribute defines to which media the style applies.

  • argument: {} _

  • returns: {gySVGObject} The original object

const media = element.media();

Get the media current value.